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By: James F. Shackelford
  • Title Book: Ceramic and Glass Materials
  • Author : James F. Shackelford
  • ISBN 10: 9780387733623
  • ISBN 13: 0387733620
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Category : Technology & Engineering / Materials Science / General
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 202

Ceramic and Glass Materials: Structure, Properties and Processing is a concise and comprehensive guide to the key ceramic and glass materials used in modern technology. Each chapter focuses on the structure-property relationships for these important materials and expands the reader’s understanding of their nature by simultaneously discussing the technology of their processing methods. In each case, the resulting understanding of the contemporary applications of the materials provides insights as to their future roles in twenty first century engineering and technology.

Organized to be a practical and comprehensive resource, each chapter is dedicated to a specific material such as: alumina, mullite, sillimanite minerals, aluminates, quartz and silicas, refractory oxides, clays, concrete and cement, lead compounds, and zirconia.

Written by international authors in materials science and engineering, Ceramic and Glass Materials: Structure, Properties and Processing is an invaluable reference for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals in a wide range of scientific fields.

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