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By: William Z. Shetter
  • Title Book: Introduction to Dutch
  • Author : William Z. Shetter
  • ISBN 10: 9789401750004
  • ISBN 13: 9401750009
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Category : Education / Language Experience Approach
  • Languages : nl (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 209

First edition This grammar arose from the need for a concise presentation of the essentials of the Dutch language which could be used both for independent home study and in groups or classes under formal instruction. With the former aim in mind, the explanations have been made as self-explanatory as possible, and a complete key to the exercises has been provided in an appendix. In the interest of simplicity and ease of reference and review, each grammatical topic is discussed as fully as practicable in one place, and an effort has been made to include only one major grammatical feature in any one chapter. But since a solid foundation can more effectively be achieved through study under trained supervision or with a native speaker of the language, the presentation has also been made adapt able to this type of study. The brief fill-in exercises in each lesson provide a model for any amount of drill, and the dialogues and readings included at irregular intervals as well as the review selec tions placed after every few chapters can provide the necessary added practice in supervised instruction. Help should in any case be sought with the pronunciation, the principal stumbling-block in the way of either independent or supervised study.

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