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By: Octavia E. Butler
  • Title Book: Parable of the Talents
  • Author : Octavia E. Butler
  • ISBN 10: 9781888363814
  • ISBN 13: 1888363819
  • Publisher : Seven Stories Press
  • Category : Fiction / Science Fiction / General
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 365

Parable of the Talents celebrates the usual Butlerian themes of alienation and transcendence, violence and spirituality, slavery and freedom, and separation and community, to astonishing effect in the shockingly familiar, broken world of 2032.
A continuation of the travails of Lauren Olamina, the heroine of 1994 Nebula Award finalist Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents is told in the voice of Lauren Olamina's daughter Larkin, also called Asha Vere - from whom she has been separated for most of the girl's life - with sections in the form of Lauren's journal. Against a background of a war-torn continent, and with a far-right religious crusader in the office of the U.S. presidency, this is a book about a society whose very fabric has been torn asunder.
And yet human life, oddly, thrives in this unforgettable novel. And the young Lauren of Parable of the Sower here blossoms into the full strength of her womanhood, complex and entirely credible.

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