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By: Umberto Eco
  • Title Book: The Name of the Rose
  • Author : Umberto Eco
  • ISBN 10: 9780544176560
  • ISBN 13: 0544176561
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Category : Fiction / General
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 579

Umberto Eco s first novel, an international sensation and winner of the Premio Strega and the Prix Medicis Etranger awards
The year is 1327. Franciscans in a wealthy Italian abbey are suspected of heresy, and Brother William of Baskerville arrives to investigate. When his delicate mission is suddenly overshadowed by seven bizarre deaths, Brother William turns detective. His tools are the logic of Aristotle, the theology of Aquinas, the empirical insights of Roger Bacon all sharpened to a glistening edge by wry humor and a ferocious curiosity. He collects evidence, deciphers secret symbols and coded manuscripts, and digs into the eerie labyrinth of the abbey, where the most interesting things happen at night.
Like the labyrinthine library at its heart, this brilliant novel has many cunning passages and secret chambers . . . Fascinating . . . ingenious . . . dazzling. Newsweek
[author photo] UMBERTO ECO is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including the best-selling novels The Prague Cemetery and Foucault s Pendulum, and most recently, the essay collection Inventing the Enemy.

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