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By: Donald J. DeGracia
  • Title Book: What is Science?
  • Author : Donald J. DeGracia
  • ISBN 10: 9781312182882
  • ISBN 13: 1312182881
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  • Category : Science / General
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 110

In spite of the amazing technological marvels of the modern world that have stemmed from science, there is no agreed upon definition of what science is. In this lively, colorful, and engaging work, Don DeGracia contends that science is a very weak form of what has been described for thousands of years in Hindu India as "samadhi." Samadhi is an advanced technique of Raja Yoga in which the meditating subject fuses with the object of meditation, in a process that has been called "knowing by being." By understanding science as a weak form of samadhi and comparing it to the knowledge aquired from yogic practices, many of the limitations of science are brought to the fore. These include: the link between mind and body, the role of the senses as middle-men between the mind and the objects of perception, why mathematics is ""unreasonably effective"" for describing the physical world, and how and why power is unlocked by the human mind when correct knowledge is obtained.

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