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By: Michael Dobbs
  • Title Book: Winston's War
  • Author : Michael Dobbs
  • ISBN 10: 9781402249211
  • ISBN 13: 1402249217
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • Category : Fiction / Historical
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 592

From Michael Dobbs, author of the book that inspired the smash hit Netflix series House of Cards, comes Winston's War, a thrilling novel about the dawn of WWII and Winston Churchill's rise to power.

At the beginning of WWII, Neville Chamberlain believes he has bought "peace for our time" from Adolph Hitler, who has just seized Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. The English are alarmed by the huge German army, while the soldiers that would defend London don't even have steel helmets. For many, compromise and appeasement seem to be England's best defense.

But there are a few leaders who don't agree. Among them is Winston Churchill, who understands that the relentless march of fascism will be democracy's death knell. In October 1938, Churchill pleads his case in the press to the BBC's Guy Burgess. One of these two will become the most revered man of his time, and the other will be known as the greatest of traitors.

This stunning novel brings to life the surprising political intrigues that set the stage for World War II, and brings alive the passionate, grumpy, whiskey-drinking Winston Churchill, as he inspires his fellow countrymen to take on the world's mightiest army.

Includes bonus reading group guide

Praise for Michael Dobbs, bestselling author of House of Cards, the book that inspired the Netflix series starring Kevin Spacey:

"An intriguing tale of espionage and treason... this is a work to enthrall."—Daily Mail

"An author who can bring historical happenings so vitally back to life and made all the more impressive by being historically accurate in every respect."—Times of London

"A fascinating tale of conspiracy, blackmail, and treachery."—Irish Independent

"Dobbs takes us so far inside the mind of Winston Churchill that we feel as though we actually are him."—Booklist

"Dobbs infuses dramatic tension, inventive plots, and heady pacing in the narration of a British icon's noblest hours."—Publishers Weekly

"Dobbs has done a brilliant job in evoking the drama and despair of Britain hovering on the edge of the abyss."—Sunday Express

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